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So here are some of the behind the scenes shots from the Greasy Love video shoot… thought I’d pick a few and let everyone see what goes on. I left out the photos where I’m wearing a parka and holding a can of cider because i don’t want to completely shatter the illusion….
We shot most of the video on the street in Hackney Wick and the rest on top of my mates warehouse in the same area until about 5am, we only saw one car which drove behind me in one of the shots, I turn round to look at it because it was the only reminder of civilisation during the whole shoot… that clip made the final edit actually we just loved how random it was. I saw a fox eating another fox as well but that’s too dark for this post…
It was fucking FREEZING that night though, the crew were dying, everyone was complaining about the cold (the blokes) even though they were all wearing about 20 layers and I was wearing what felt like a pair of tights stretched over my bod, I had my mate chasing me with a coat to wear between scenes…freezing… ┬áso happy with how the video turned out though…. I think the director RUFFMERCY is an absolute genius, it was such a pleasure to work with someone who’s work I have admired for so long i was made up to do this video with him. I hope you all like it!

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